Triple Play Trivia and Miscellanea

Revised January 23, 2009

To read the complete description for each of the below triple plays, go to the Play-By-Play page at TRIPLE PLAY NARRATIVES or click on the date in the (below) tidbit. SABR Members are invited to research out triple play trivia and to submit your nugget to Chuck Rosciam at


  • 1st Example of a courtesy Runner (Batting for the Pitcher Joe Blong) 8/1/1877 5th Inning - Louisville Grays vs. St. Louis Browns
  • Centerfielder Paul Hines' disputed Triple Play - 5/8/1878 8th Inning - Providence Grays vs. Boston Beaneaters
  • First (of four) triple plays wherein an outfielder recorded the third out - 8/15/1894 9th Inning - Boston Beaneaters vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Larry Hesterfer (NYG-NL) was the batter for the TP on 9/5/1901 in his Only Major League Game in his career. He is the first player to hold that distinction (batter, runner or fielder) of being involved in a TP in his very brief cup-of-coffee.
  • Harry O'Hagan (NYG) was the 3rd leg of a TP turned against CIN on 7/15/1902 in a 1*-4*-3* play. Harry (Hal) subsequently was sent to the Minors (Rochester Eastern League) and he turned an Unassisted Triple Play as a First Baseman a month later (8/18/1902) against Jersey City. [SABR Frank Hamilton & Paul Wendt]
  • Quadruple Play - Only the first three outs were counted - 7/1/1903 6th Inning - New York Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals
  • The Detroit Tigers turned triple plays against the Boston Red Sox on two consecutive days (6/6/1908 and 6/7/1908). Detroit's Germany Schafer started both of them (once as a 3B and then playing 2B). Gavvy Cravath (Bos) batted-into the first one and was on base for the second one.
  • Catcher John Quinn (PHI-NL) was the second out and a runner on 2nd base for the TP on 10/9/1911 in his Only Major League Game in his career. He is the second player to hold that distinction (batter, runner or fielder) of being involved in a TP in his very brief cup-of-coffee.
  • Ball changed hands 10 times - 5/16/1913 7th Inning - Philadelphia Athletics at Cleveland Indians.
  • Art Fletcher was put out in a TP twice in one season (5/22/1920 & 7/7/1920) for two different teams - Only player to have that distinction. [SABR Frank Hamilton]
  • On 9/26/1927 Washington Senators' batter Joe Judge hit into a triple play and was not charged with a time at-bat (Sacrifice Fly). [SABR John Schwartz.]
  • St. Louis Browns second baseman, Ski Melillo, made all 3 continuous putouts and did not receive credit for an unassisted triple play on 9/19/1929 at Washington Senators. [SABR John Schwartz.]
  • On July 27, 1930 Relief Pitcher Ken Ash (CIN) entered the game with runners on first and third, nobody out. Charlie Grimm (CHN) swung at Ash's first pitch into a TP making it a one-pitch inning for Ash. [SABR Rob Neyer]
  • NY Mets catcher Joe Pignatano's final Major League at-bat hit into a TP on 9/30/1962 at Wrigley Field versus the Cubs. [SABR David Mostardi]
  • Atlanta Braves rookie Leo Foster hit into a double play (2nd AB 5th Inn) and a triple play (3rd AB 7th Inn) in his Major League debut on 7/9/1971 at Pit-NL. [SABR David Jenkins]
  • In the 7/23/1977 TP (California Angels at Minnesota) the batter, Lyman Bostock, and the 1st Baseman, Tony Solaita, who put him out were both later shot to death. [SABR Stew Thornley]
  • Minnesota Twins turned TWO triple plays in the same game against the Boston Red Sox on 7/17/1990, 4th & 8th innings. Only time that two TP's occured in a game.
  • Scott Hatteberg (BOS) lined into a triple play on 8/6/2001 vs. TEX in the 4th inning. He made amends with his bat in the 6th inning by hitting a Grand Slam Home Run.
  • In his Only Major League Game on 4/14/2002, Seattle's Ron Wright had 3 AB's which included a Strikeout (2nd Inn), Hit into a TP (4th Inn TP 1-6*-2-5-1*-4*) and Hit into a DP (6th Inn) for possibly the worst ever Major League Career. [SABR Jeff Wayman]
  • The TP Turned by Minnesota against Seattle on 5/27/2006 was with the bases loaded. Relief pitcher Juan Rincon came in to face Kenji Johjima and on the FIRST PITCH, Kenji hit a low grounder to the 2nd Baseman, Luis Castillo. What a way to end an inning with no outs and the bases loaded - turn a triple play.
  • The 9/2/2006 TP (Tampa Bay versus Seattle) is the first TP where the catcher made the 1st and 3rd out.
  • On August 27, 2007 Relief Pitcher Rafael Perez (CLE) entered the game with runners on first and second and nobody out. Mike Redmond (MIN) with a count of 0-2 swung at the next pitch right into a TP making it a three-pitch inning for Perez as Cleveland turned a 5*-4*-3* TP. [SABR Neil Cohen]
  • On May 30, 2008 Relief Pitcher Keiichu Yabu (SF-N) entered the tie game (3-3) with runners on first and second and nobody out. Kevin Kouzmanoff (SD-N) swung at the very first pitch right into a grounder TP making it a one-pitch inning for Yabu as San Francisco turned a 5*-4*-3* TP. [Dan Comfort]